For 1935 things were looking up for the Brough Works, a total of 94 machines being produced,
2 of the JAP SS100,13 of the OHV 680,47 of the 11/50 model, and lastly a new model SS80 introduced at that years show, with 32 made.
The SS80 now used the model 'X' engine from the Matchless factory, JAP engine prices having become prohibitive. The basis of the new SS80 was the rigid frame and cycle parts of last years new 11/50 model.
Up front, you could have had either, Druid girder forks, Brampton Monarch bottom link forks, or the deluxe Castle forks. Gearbox was the Sturmey Archer 4 speed with footchange.
With the Matchless engine came a felt oil filter unit, fitted in the oil tank body.
Another option on both the 11/50 and the new SS80 was an AMAL twin carburettor fitting.
Minor alteration had been made to the 11/50 oil system, as regards the front cylinder rear wall oil feed.
Teething problems with the 11/50 alloy cylinder heads, had led to their being replaced with cast iron.

Totally away from the motorcycle department was the Brough Superior car, unleashed on the public in May of 1935.Its basis was a Hudson chassis, with a 4.2 litre straight eight cylinder engine.The body was built by Atcherley of Birmingham. Top speed 90mph and all yours for £695.
The Duke of Richmond and Gordon was involved in the sales side of things. George was aiming high again!