Welcome to the official website for the Brough Superior Club

“The Brough Superior Club shall be operated in the interests of the past and present owners of W.E. Brough and Brough Superior machines, to foster the preservation and use of the machines.”

(Taken from the Brough Superior Club Constitution)

Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs

This is an urgent call-to-action! 

You may be aware of the 9 May Government announcement of a wide-ranging consultation about the registration of historic vehicles https://www.fbhvc.co.uk/news/article/dft-and-dvla-launch-call-for-evidence-around-registering-historic-classic-and-rebuilt-vehicles . 

In total, the consultation asks 50 questions in 12 subject headings. It covers all historic vehicles - not solely cars - of all types, and are all represented within the Federation.



Please go into the link above and answer the questions.