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I am now the proud owner of a 1937 model Brough, particulars of which are as follows:-

It is an Brough Superior 11-50, Engine number LTZ F57013, frame number M8184.

It came to Australia in about 1974 and was brought into the country by Ron Lang, who had the bike standing in his lounge until 1982.

Stan Hurlston then purchased the bike from him. It was fairly complete but in very poor condition. Stan spent about 8 years rebuilding the engine and gearbox and has been riding it in rallies ever since.

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Stan knew I was looking for a large Vee Twin and offered to sell the Brough to me so I bought the bike.

The motor was not running properly so I checked the valve timing which was 2 teeth out. After timing the cams and facing the valves, timing the timed rotary breather, I went on to paint the whole bike, had new exhaust pipes made and painted the sidecar. I am enclosing four photos, which show the bike as it is now.

11.50 Pic02.Jpg

The original English Registration number was AMO 831.

I look forward to receiving the original English registration papers soon.

Yours faithfully,

Ian Isbister

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