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Back in June 2003 I purchased my first Brough, It was a very original 1937 MX80, correct to the works record card and mechanically excellent.

DYY 620 was a rigid framed machine with druid forks. I only had to have a few oil leaks sorted out and the magdyno refurbishes and she ran like a dream.

In my original search for a Brough, my original intention was to secure a bike with Castle forks, at the time this was not possible,but recently I was offered such a bike.regretfully I made the decision to sell DYY 620 and purchase FVU 679.

According to the works record card FVU 679 started life as a 1939,rigid frame SS80 with druid forks,

Eighteen years after she was built, FVU 679 went back to the Brough Superior works and had extensive refurbishment carried out, the back end of the frame was cut of and replaced with a plunger rear,a set of refurbished castle forks were fitted the bike was virtually rebuilt then fitted with a set of twin headlights.

I don't have any history of the bike over the next ten years, but in march 1967 a 25 year old chap by the name of Alan Norridge bought her from a trainee policeman in Halifax yorkshire for the sum of £10.00 plus £6.00 shipping costs.
The only snag being she was now in bits and stored in a large packing case !!!!

Alan then took delivery of the bike,restored her over the next couple of years and then used her in various trial events throughout the country covering over 70,000 miles.

This photograph was supplied by the Club Photographic Librarian Pete Staughton and shows FVU 679 at Stamford Hall in 1973 at the Brough Superior Club annual rally.

In 1999 Alan rebored the engine but unfortunatly through illness is now unable to ride, the Brough spent the next four years in the back of his garage untill he decided to sell.

On the 5th March 2004 I travelled to Essex in my van to collect the bike, a few jobs need doing to get her back on the road for this seasons riding, these include :

The petrol tank needs sealing, stripping and repainting and lining
Dynamo needs refurbishing
New tyres and inner tubes were needed
And I decided to rechrome / repaint some items for cosmetic effect

She's now in a friends garage awaiting the various parts to come back, and expect her back on the road for the end of April.

My intension is to use the bike throughout the summer to make sure she is mechanically sound, then do a full restoration over the winter.

The replaced plunger rear

Twin headlights over the beautiful Castle forks


Watch this space !!!!!!!!!!!


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